CDARS Air Miles rules

Here’s the full rules for the CDARS Air Miles activity contest:

  1. No contest QSO’s allowed, no ‘internet’ type QSO’s, in other words, all QSO‘s must be antenna to antenna, the use of repeaters is allowed.
  2. Any band, any mode, any power, mix and match, it‘s up to you how many bands/modes you use.
  3. For each QSO, your log needs to contain date, time, your callsign and locator, your contact’s callsign and locator, mode.
  4. Locators need to be 4, 6, or 8 characters long.  Bryan will work on 6 characters, so 4 will have “mm” appended and 8 will have the last 2 characters removed, his program will process locators to a length of 6, any locator with a length different to 4, 6, or 8 will be discarded.
  5. For missing locators you should try or the like. Bryan will help where he can but please remember, it‘s very time consuming.

League table categories will initially comprise:

  • most miles
  • most QSO’s
  • most countries
  • most Maidenhead Squares

– overall and by band.

Logs must be submitted in ADIF to Bryan M0IHY within 3 days of the following month.  Those unable to process their log files into ADIF can send what they have to Bryan and he will process them.