Brill Windmill – general information

Brill Windmill is a Grade II listed ‘Post-Mill’ with 17th century origins (probably about 1680’s).

It is located on Brill Common, Buckinghamshire, West of Waddesdon Manor – home of the Rothschilds.

It is normally open to the public on Sundays from Easter to the end of September, however during these times of COVID restrictions, it is not currently open.

Brill Windmill is a ‘Post-Mill’ where the the whole (wooden) structure revolves around a central ‘Post’ to face into the wind. It has 4 sails 27ft (9m) long x 5ft (1.5m) wide. It is one of the best preserved windmills of its type, although the oldest ‘Post Mill’ is believed to be Pitstone (also in Bucks) built in 1627.

Brill last milled flour in 1919, but milled Barley for cattle feed for another 4 years afterwards. Windmills have been a feature in the Brill area since about 1250, although not on the present site.

The mill is owned by the local parish council, and overseen by the Brill Society. You can see their website HERE.