VHF NFD 2021

In previous years, CDARS members have operated with Northampton Radio Club to help their entry in VHF NFD. However this year NRC decided not to operate in the contest, so almost as a last minute entry, CDARS decided we would enter just on 6m, 4m and 2m.

The field we use at Wigginton for HF SSB Field Day is quite high up in the Chiltern Hills, so we decided to set up there for the weekend.

We were fortunate that G3MEH lives right next to the field, and offered us the use of his dual-band 6m / 4m beam, and some domestic facilities at his house. The breakfasts were very welcome for those staying overnight! Thank you, Roger.

Members setting up and operating were: G3XZG, M0NVS, M0JCQ, G0ODQ, G8FMC, G1DTG, G3ZNU, M0IHY, M6WTL. We were also joined by G1MZD from Northampton during the set up.

We entered the Restricted section, and made the following numbers of QSOs:

  • 6m – 62
  • 4m – 42
  • 2m – 70