Windmills on the Air 2020 – LOCKDOWN!

Windmills on the Air Weekend

Windmills on the Air is a nationally coordinated event, and CDARS has for many years activated a special event station at the Brill Windmill.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the national event planned for the weekend of 9th & 10th May was cancelled.

Despite the cancellation of windmills on the air, CDARS members were in operation using the special call GB0BWM (Brill Windmill) from their home QTHs on 9th and 10th May.

Six members were active over the weekend:


G3XZG (Jeremy) – mainly CW from 80m to 20m

G8FMC (Dave) – 80m SSB

M0IHY (Bryan) – FT8 80m to 17m

M0JCQ (James) – SSB and FT8 80m to 30m

G3ZNU (Malcolm) – SSB and FT8 mainly on 2m & 6m

M1DTG (Matt) – 2m FM

All QSOs made over the weekend under the callsign GB0BWM have been loaded to eQSL and Clublog.  The full log of the QSOs, along with the identity of the station making the QSO, is also available HERE.

Pictures of previous operation from the mill can be seen on QRZ.COM under the callsign GB0BWM.

We look forward to operating again from the mill itself next year.