Welcome to Chesham & District Amateur Radio Society (C&DARS)

We have two club callsigns G1MDG and G3MDG, which regularly get an airing from our club shack on HF and VHF.

The club are a group of diverse and enthusiastic amateurs in the Chesham area (45kms north west of London). Our diverse interests in Amateur Radio include everything from HF & VHF contesting,Data Modes, Morse, WAB and Summits On The Air.

We engage in a number of contests across HF and VHF. Here’s a video of us operating G3MDG during the RSGB 40/80m SSB AFS contest:

Here’s a video of our 2015 HF SSB Field Day event:


We meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Whitehill Centre (HP5 1AG) in Chesham. The first Wednesday is usually a club talk followed by a shack night on the third Wednesday. We meet in the Exhibition room from 8:30pm before heading down to the bar.

Got any questions? Contact us here!