CDARS is active in several RSGB contests through the year. We regularly operate in the September SSB field day from a site in Wigginton – see our archive pages for more details.

We also operate in the Affiliated Societies’ Contests (AFS Contests), which have a very broad range of legs including VHF/UHF, SSB, CW and data. Although a small club, we have entered all (or nearly all) the legs in these contests, and have had very good overall placings. Getting a good placing in the contests needs as many members taking place as possible – from their homes or portable.

The RSGB Activity Contests on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the year have also attracted several of our members, either operating for CDARS or one of the other local clubs (for instance, Northampton Radio Club)


Here’s a video of us operating G3MDG during the RSGB 40/80m SSB AFS contest: