N1MM+ logging program – User Defined Contests (UDC)

Installation Instructions for a User Defined Contest (UDC)

Note: User Defined Contests are not distributed with the program installer, either Full or Latest Update They can be downloaded from N1MM+/Files/User Defined Contests (UDC)

    • A list of available User Defined Contests is located on the >Documentation >Digging Deeper >Supported User Defined Contests page
    • The UDC files themselves are found on the N1MM Logger+ website, located under >Files >User Defined Contests
    • To enable a UDC contest and select it in the contest configuration dialog window
      1. Locate the desired UDC file on the website in >Files >User Defined Contests page
      2. Download the .UDC file to your computer’s hard drive in the UserDefinedContests directory in the N1MM Logger+ user files area, at My Documents/N1MM Logger+/UserDefinedContests
      3. Restart N1MM Logger+
      4. see below to see how the UDC File VHFRSGBM7.UDC  looks before Editting, you need to edit the line “DefaultContestExchange =001 IO92SD” to reflect your Locator Square e.g..IO91RP
      5. After editting this file ensure that yoy save it as VHFRSGBM7.UDC and not as .txt or.rtf
      6. To select a User Defined Contest within N1MM Logger+, select >File >New Log in Database.
      7. Find and choose the UDC contest name you downloaded (without the .UDC file suffix e.g VHFRSGBM7). It will be included in alphabetic order among the list of all other supported contest names.
      8. The Scoring and Entry windows should now display your M7 Settings and Multipliers .

Contents of UDC file VHFRSGBM7.UDC

AuthorName=Les Elliott/Paul Wilton
Revision =1.0.4
LastUpdate =2015/01/05
Description =VHF — SHF RS(T) Serial Nr Full Locator Exchange, Points per Km and UK GridSquare multiplier (M7)
DisplayName =RSGB VHF(M7)
CabrilloName =VHF-
Mode =BOTH
DupeType = 2
Multiplier1Name =GridSquare
Multiplier2Name =GridSquare
Multiplier3Name =
Period =
PointsPerContact =1
ShowMyCountryStations =
ShowWarcBands =
ZoneType =
MultSqlString =Grid
MultSqlString2 =Grid
MultSqlString3 =
MultWindowType =
IsMultPer =1
MultiplierBands =4
CQZoneMultContest =
NumMults =2
BonusPoints =
QsoErrorString =Grid
EntryWindowInfo =SNTText, 450, SntNrText, 500, RCVText, 450, RcvNrText, 500, GridSquareText, 650, CommentText, 700
FrameText =SntRpt SntNR RcvRpt RcvNR Grid Comments
LogInfo =SentReport, 500, SentNR, 500, ReceiveReport, 500, NR, 500, GridSquare, 600, Comment, 500, IsMultiplier1, 400, IsMultiplier2, 400, Points, 500
DefaultContestExchange =001 IO92SD
CabrilloFormat =99
CabrilloString = SNT, 4, SentNr, 4, SentExchPart2, 6, CallSign, 15, RCV, 4, RcvNr, 4, GridSquare, 6, Comment, 20
GenericPrintString =SNT, 4, SentNr, 4, SentExchPart2, 6, CallSign, 15, RCV, 4, RcvNr, 4, GridSquare, 6, Points, 6, Multiplier1, 4, Multiplier2, 4, Comment, 20
GenericPrintStringHeader =Date Time Freq Mode MyCall Snt Ser Grid Call Rcv NR Grid Pts Mlt1 Mlt2 Comments
IsWorkable =any
SpecialInstructions = Cabrillo file OK, But include details as on cover sheet, and edit contest name as reqd.

DupeSqlString =
StartOfContest =
EndOfContest =
MinimumOffTime =
UsesWAECountries =
SetSentTimeForContact =
ScoreSummaryMultNames = UK, Grd
WebAddress =http://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/readcal.pl
DigitalModeSqlString =
MultipleSessions =
ResetMultsEverySession =
CabrilloVersion =3.0
QsoNumbersByBand = 1
BonusPoints2 =
DoNotCountMeAsMult =
DoNotCountMeAsMult2 =
DoNotCountMeAsMult3 =
CountMultOnlyFor = G, GW, GM, GI, GD, GU, GJ
CountMultOnlyFor2 =
CountMultOnlyFor3 =