Foundation & Intermediate Licence Training

We are currently set up to run a Foundation Course in 2020 using the new examination syllabus.
To begin transmitting using the amateur radio bands you need to pass a simple multiple-choice test called the Foundation exam. The first step is to enrol on a Foundation Licence course, and progress to the Foundation examination.
Foundation Licence courses are run by local radio clubs, and we’re pleased to say that CDARS is now set up to run Foundation Licence courses. We are actively looking for candidates to enrol on the course and progress to the Foundation exam.
Foundation Licence holders can progress, with further training, to the Intermediate Exam and licence, and ultimately to the Full Licence.  CDARS is not currently offering an Intermediate Licence course, but will do so if there is demand.
If you want to know more about training at CDARS contact us.
If you want to know more about amateur radio see the RSGB website.