CDARS Air Miles


How far can you work in a month?  What’s your total QSO miles?

CDARS has launched a new  activity contest  for  members,  CDARS Air  Miles.  Starting in June 2020 and running monthly after that, members are challenged to send in logs of their QSOs to be entered into a league table.

Bryan M0IHY will process the logs on a regular basis and publish the tables in the monthly newsletter, and they will also be uploaded to this website.

You can operate on any mode and any band, and the tables will be drawn up by mode and band.  Limited to 2m FM?  No problem, you’ll just be competing with others sending in 2m FM logs.  Like DXing on HF?  Same, the DX chasers will have their own tables to compete against one another.

Bryan will accept logs in ADIF format with the locator in 4 or 6 character format.  If a station you work doesn’t give a locator, try to find out using, or at least try to find out a location (city etc).  If you get stuck, Bryan will help find the locations and distances for a limited number of contacts.  But try to find out yourself first!

Full rules for CDARS Air Miles are HERE.

This is intended as a fun event, not a highly competitive contest, to encourage everyone to get on the air just a little bit more.  By getting on the bands regularly you’ll learn more about propagation on the different bands, and maybe find out that even a band that seems dead does have some activity if you just put out a call.