CDARS Long Grass Contest

As a club, we have participated in the RSGB SSB Field Day, and will do so again this year. However, we feel that this year’s rules, give a disproportionate advantage to large clubs and groups.
Because of this, we invite those in smaller clubs, as well as entering field day, to take part in the
CDARS Long Grass Contest.

This will run alongside field-day and with the following rules:

1. Two categories of operation, fixed and portable;
2. Maximum power 100 watts;
3. No limit on antennas;
4. Operation for a maximum of 6 hours over the 24, with an hour’s gap between each time slot if
more than one;
5. Operation on any band on which SSB field-day is taking place; more than one band can be
used in each time-slot;
6. Scoring – the same as SSB FD Rule 6;
7. Winner will be the one with the most points, but also with honourable mention for the most
points on each band;
8. It is planned to also give ‘Club’ scores based on the average of any clubs contributing
9. Normalised scores will not be taken into account.

For those of you who would like to take part in this contest, please email our club secretary Angie on ( with your club callsign and the callsign(s) of participating members, if you are an individual taking part with no club please supply your callsign with “no club” in the email.
We want to stress that this is not intended to be in opposition to Field Day, but to give those who may otherwise feel discouraged from entering, the chance to make their entry more enjoyable and

For those partaking, the results will be available on when the RSGB SSB Field
Day results have been published.

73, the Chesham and District Amateur Radio Society.

Jeremy G3XZG (Chairman CDARS)