Ofcom Online Licensing Changes

Online licensing

Ofcom is changing the online licensing systems that support amateur radio. The change is part of a wider initiative to upgrade
its licensing systems and extend the range of Wireless Telegraphy Act licences that can be applied for and managed online. For amateurs, new facilities will include the ability for Clubs in early summer. New features will then be introduced in the following months.

All existing licences will automatically transfer to the new system, which will continue to system you will be asked to create a new online account that can be used for all the licences the new system.

Ofcom is doing all it can to minimise any disruption caused by the change. But as is the nature of these things the change is likely to be a busy period for the team at Ofcom and your patience and understanding during the change-over would be greatly appreciated. Ofcom would also welcome feedback on the system once live so it can improve the new system, and a facility will be provided to collect this. More information on the change can be found at http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/.