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New RSGB VHF Contest Calendar for 2017

VHF Contest Calendar 2017

AFS Super League — Winter 2016-17

C&DARS members will be taking part in a number of Contests in 2016/2017

These Contests are as follows :-

(a) 50MHz AFS Contest, October 2016
(b) RSGB Club Calls Contest (1.8MHz AFS), November 2016
(c) 144MHz Affiliated Societies Contest, December 2016
(d) 3.5MHz-7MHz CW Affiliated Societies Contest, January 2017
(e) 3.5MHz-7MHz SSB Affiliated Societies Contest, January 2017
(f) 432MHz Affiliated Societies Contest, February 2017

 Here are the DATES and TIMES for these Contests:

50MHz AFS  Sunday 16th Oct 0900 – 1300 UTC

1.8MHz AFS (also knows as the Club Calls contest) on Saturday  12th Nov 2000 – 2300 UTC.

144MHz AFS on Sunday 4th Dec 1000 – 1600 UTC.

AFS CW –  Sunday  8th  January  2017,  1400-1800 UTC

AFS SSB – Saturday 14th January 2017, 1400-1800 UTC

432MHz AFS – Sunday 5th February 2017. 0900 – 1300 UTC

The Super League rewards societies who field teams operating both above and below 30MHz: the winning society will have consistently achieved high places in all of the events, without necessarily winning any one of them. The winner of the Super League receives the Hadley Wood Contest Group Trophy.

To encourage clubs to enter in all six contests, the Contest Committee awards a Certificate of Achievement. This requires a certain amount of organisation in finding members with a variety of locations and skills, but is a reachable goal for an active club.